When Your Life Moves Way Too Fast

I have not posted on this blog in years.  About two to be exact.  Some things are the same- I have the same amount of weight to lose, I have dear husband and a sweet son, I still love to get crafty... But lots of things are very, very different.  I gained weight and got pregnant and gained more and now I'm down 55 lbs. from that weight, I have an additional sweet son (the two are about 3 years apart), I ran a fun business doing arts & crafts with kids.  I was diagnosed with MS a couple of months ago.

You can read more about how I was diagnosed here:

My life has been a whirlwind of varying diseases, familial happiness, and successes and failures.  I'm back to chronicle the day to day, and put my stamp on the world.  I hope this blog will be a number of things- including something my children can look back at to remember the good old days.

I will write about our new vegan diet, natural living on a miniscule budget, homeschooling my preschooler, how I hope to be an unschooler, managing MS, life as I know it, recipes, art, & hopefully, I will become organized enough to do some tutorials.

Thanks for sharing in my journey.


60 lbs. in 6 months?


I am definitely in need of one.  So I've decided that since I have some unexpected extra time on my hands I will start up dating here more.  More than none.  Mostly about this weight loss situation because between the cold, the normal stresses of life and general exhaustion I have got to get more serious again.

I am going to start my own personal 60 lbs. in 6 months challenge.  I know that I am capable of doing it and even if I don't quite make it to 60 lbs. lost I will have a lot of fun trying!  I have already lost a significant amount of weight and have many milestones to be proud about!  I am no longer in the 100+ to lose group.  I no longer have to shop at plus-sizes stores or even in the plus section if I don't want to and I can use the elliptical without threat of death in the first 30 seconds (for some reason the elliptical was my fitness downfall).

I am proud of what I've accomplished but I have a long way to go.  I am going to try to update daily on the changes I am making, things I am doing and whether I am on target for my weight loss goal.  I may throw some other things in, too, because I have lots more to talk about.

Are you on a weight loss journey?  Where do you stand?


3 Workouts a Day?

My weight loss battle continues.  Wait, it's not really a battle, it's more like a journey.  This week, I am trying a Workout Trifecta Method.   For my purposes, this means working out three times a day.  This decisions stems from a couple of things 1) An annoying sort of plateau- that was probably more so caused by my inconsistency. 2) Watching The Biggest Loser- for the first time I am seeing a whole season.  3) I daydream about running - but in reality I can't do it for very long so it can't be the only work out I do in a day.

So this is a great plan, 3 smallish workouts a day.  Somewhere between 10 - 45 minutes a piece.  One workout might just be a round of crunches a planks, one will likely be an exercise DVD either focusing on cardio, strength or abs and one will be an outdoor exercise like a long, long walk or a short, short jog.  I did this yesterday and I felt GREAT all day.  It's amazing how much stronger, confident and energetic you feel when you exercise and eat well.

I have a couple of small business, a child, a marriage, a house for which to care, etc.  However, one thing I know for sure is that none of these things will thrive without me putting forth my best effort to be healthy, active and fit.

I may not have Bob or Dolvett screaming in my face or taking me on a 20 mile hike.  I may not be on a secluded ranch without the distractions and temptations of normal life but I WILL be a Big Loser.

Lol, that made me chuckle.


Budgeting... with Pretty Envelopes

I've been saying I was going to do it for months... maybe even a year but I finally did it!  (Well, mostly) I have my envelope budgeting system set-up.  Now I hear this is a Dave Ramsey thing but I have not read any of his books or anything.  I more of a Clark Howard kind of gal but anyway I decided that we HAVE to change the way we budget.  I have been doing the same thing over and over for years and it simply does not work.  My income varies greatly, we often don't have all we need to go around.  We were constantly ending up with overdraft fees which are crazy expensive because of the way banks choose to maximize on their profits by debiting your account strategically (ie. turning one overdrawn item into 5).  Added to that our own bad practices of being primarily frugal with a slip here and there and it was definitely time for a change. 

Here is the beginning of our envelope system.  As I sit here I can think of a few more categories like Travel, Baby Needs, Emergency, etc.  that I need to add. 

I made the envelopes myself with scrapbook-size card stock.  I figured if I have to look at these daily they better be pretty! 

Soon, I will hole punch the folders and put them in a binder... a cute one!  

I already love it, I was able to divide up all of our cash and now that we are bank-free everything we do starts with cash.  So we'll take certain envelopes to turn the cash into money orders and another will get loaded on to my prepaid debit card.  I know neither of these is ideal but for us it's all about breaking the pattern we were in before for a better result in the end.  

How do you budget?  Does it work well every month? 


.... And Time Flies - Photo Bomb

I have FREE time again!!! For once in the past 6 months, I am not moving, working, having a newborn or excessively stressed about ANYTHING.  Stressed, but not excessively so, LOL.  

I doubt anyone will see this since I've been so MIA but I am going to add some pics of the past 6 months.  - I promise they aren't all of the baby. 


 Mommy's Boredom:
 Photo Time in Fall 
 6 months!

 Half Birthday Party - Long Story 
 The Fam, yes, baby is asleep and annoyed.
 With his godfather
 I made this cake stand! - And planned this DJ party for a 10 yr. old.  Too lazy to rotate pics :) 

 I saw this at the crafts store... Terrible! 

 Christmas again
 And I took two of my all time favorite photos:

But Wait...There's More!

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